1. Faculty for developing a course in Creative Digital Advertising.

Quick intro: Omnivore Academy conducts a 3-month Online Copy Writing Course, and has been successfully conducting it for over 8 years.
The section on ‘Creative Digital Advertising’ needs rethinking/revamping, to make it current.


There are two parts to our copy writing course:
Part #1 teaches the fundamentals of creative advertising and copy writing: for print, outdoor, radio, and TV.
Part #2 is about ‘Creative Digital Advertising’.
Practically speaking, Part #2 could take up more than half of the course.

What we’re looking for: A faculty person to develop the course on digital advertising. The course must be a creative-led, fully online course on digital advertising (minus graphic design). Of course, the course will need to be updated and kept current regularly.
Once the course is deployed online, the faculty person will have the option to continue with Omnivore Academy as a Mentor to about 20 to 24 students, online. If the number of students to mentor increase beyond 24, additional Mentors will be recruited.

Our ideal faculty person: Highly ‘creative’, with proven expertise in creating successful digital advertising for established/well-known brands.

The 'creativity' part is important!
Coming up with breakthrough creative, digital ideas, on demand, is the single-most important characteristic we're trying to develop in our students! So that they are confident and capable of being picked up by a digital ad agency immediately after successfully completing the course.
No, SEO and Analytics are not relevant to the course.

What it means to be Faculty at Omnivore Academy: We’re probably the only online institute in the world that teaches the nitty-gritty of creative advertising and copy writing in just 3 months.

  • Live Faculty, not virtual! All our faculty persons respond to students within 24 hours, with feedback and guidance on queries and assignments.
  • No pre-recorded videos or copy-pasted answers! The entire course, and ultimately, helping students build their Creative Portfolios, is based on interaction and feedback between students and faculty – no regurgitated and recycled video recordings, and no passing the buck to student groups when it comes to learning.
  • The course meets industry standards and requirements! We’ve been vetted and have partnered with AAAI (India’s largest and most powerful advertising agencies association) in the past. (We are independent now).
  • Our students are our testimonials! They have been recruited and hold good positions in ad agencies all over the country; some even outside India. Many have successfully started their own studios and agencies.

The remuneration for developing the course, and for continual mentoring can be discussed one-on-one.
Please take a closer look at our website: https://omnivoreacademy.com