Rupesh W

Creative Director

Who am I?

No, I am not Batman. I'm just another clueless soul still trying to find out where the hell life is heading

‘Heading’ reminds me: I write headlines and body copy to sell somebody else’s stuff on the internet. Some call it the art of advertising, some call it Digital marketing; to me it’s the same. Like many of you, I, too, am a black sheep. As an MSc in Computer Science, who started his career in events & production, I still don’t know when and how I landed here. But well, hello there! :D

I wish I were a wild, mad creative brainiac. But alas, I am just a problem solver who scours for the right pieces and puts them together. And if a piece is missing, I create it – c’mon I am from the ‘creative’ team.

In my free time, I save the universe and set new lap-records of Le Mans – on my Xbox. If not that, then I watch films or read e-books.

The concept of everyday living is underrated. So through this course, I will give you a clear and unfiltered glimpse of everyday life in advertising.

You can drop me a line on

See you around.

PS: I am perpetually hungry for food, money and novelty. So bring 'em on.