Rajan Nair

Course Director

What do I do?

Yes, I can take a horse to the water. No, I can’t make it drink. But I can make it thirsty! So while not working on largish advertising campaigns and brand-building strategies, I teach at MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad). I enjoy it thoroughly.

What brands have I worked on?

Virtually every brand category a creative guy could hope to work on in advertising. And worked with the best – the legends in Indian advertising. I have conducted workshops and training sessions for national and international clients on branding, creativity and getting the most from their ad agencies. You can see some of my work, and my rambling thoughts at:

Any awards?

After about 150 national and some international awards for excellence in creative advertising, I stopped counting.

What do I teach?

I teach ideating, copywriting, and advertising design.

Who are my favorite authors?

I enjoy pulp fiction. I read everything from James Hadley Chase, to Harry Potter, to Venus in India ;-)... On most nights, I can’t sleep without having read at least 2 pages of something. Non-fiction: Again, anything that can hold my attention past the first two chapters. For instance, I couldn’t go beyond one chapter of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits… But I read all three volumes of Constantin Stanislavski’s ‘An Actor Prepares’, ‘Building a Character’, and ‘Creating a Role’.

What else?

I love popular and classical music. I don’t play any instrument. Can’t stand trance and head-banging stuff. I can tolerate cricket and TV serials to the extent that they educate me about my audience’s likes and dislikes. I love heckling Godmen.

What do I do with my leisure time?

I love window shopping in malls, watching movies, and quaffing malted beverages.

How to contact me?

Write to me:

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