English Copywriting Course Online

"How do I join the course?"

To join the Course, you must pass the AdCAT (Advertising Creative Aptitude Test).

The AdCAT is to ascertain your flair for writing, imagination and creative problemsolving skills.

You don't need good drawing skills.

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"What does a Copywriter really do?"

A copywriter takes care of all the ‘written’ material in ads (or spoken, in radio and TV spots)...

And s/he gets paid lots of money for it! Read more...

"Creativity will become one of the top three skills employees will need." ~ World Economic Forum: Read more…

One-to-one interaction with Faculty!

It's not a one-size-fits-all course! You get to learn from each faculty, directly!

Rajan Nair

Course Director

Anil Kirtane

Creative Director

Rupesh W

Creative Director