Identifiable traits and characteristics of successful copywriters:

  • They have an insatiable curiosity regarding what makes people 'tick'. Not surprisingly, you'll find them hanging around bus-stops, shopping malls, museums, and theatre queues, trying to look inconspicuous.
  • They are knowledgeable and well-read... they love to read anything they can lay their hands on, even the dictionary.
  • Their brains have huge RAM (random access memory) - they remember almost everything they see, hear, read or experience and can recall all these, on demand. But they tend to forget to comb their hair or put the empty beer cans in the bin.
  • They can mentally disintegrate the most complex machinery or processes and get to the core very rapidly. In the real world, it's recognized as the ability to cut the crap and get to the point.
  • If you challenge them, they can bash out pretty effective articles, interviews, scripts, poetry, essays, even entire novels. No writing project is too complex or alien to them.
  • They always crib about deadlines, but they always deliver on time.
  • "I have a mental block! I'll never, ever be able to crack this one!" is their lament at the start of every new assignment.
  • They are never bored.

There are hundreds of vacancies in advertising and related agencies, magazines, newspapers, online content companies and even in radio and TV!

In an advertising agency, good Copywriters grow become Senior Copywriters, then Copy Chiefs, Group Heads, Associate Creative Directors and Creative Directors (designations may vary from agency to agency).Sometimes, winning awards is the fastest way to the top!

Many confident and ambitious copywriters set up their own agencies, or freelance directly for clients. And salaries can be as high as your capabilities.

Many good copywriters find their jobs to be the most rewarding of all writing careers. They get to be in a ‘creative field’ and help solve new, interesting problems almost every day.

This course is conducted by Omnivore Academy, with experienced, well-known industry professionals. The course is not affiliated to any institute, or university. So far as we know, there is no 'Government recognized' copywriting course in the country.

The timings are not likely to be a problem at all, because it's an online course, not a virtual classroom (where live sessions happen via the internet). Rather, it's more like your Facebook or Google+ activity, where a Friend posts a Status Update or sends you a message, and you respond to it as and when you can. So for practical purposes, we strongly recommend you log in and do your thing on the course at least once in 3 days. It's important that you log in regularly because many of the Lessons and Assignments are time-bound - if you don't submit the assignment, you can't move to the next Lesson! And soon, you run out of time...

But technology comes to your aid! The course is designed to be accessed over a smartphone or tablet as well! So you can stay in touch anytime, anywhere, do your assignments, ask questions, reply to questions, whatever!

Besides the offer of a 2-month internship assistance, talent is the only criteria for getting into the creative department of a good advertising agency.

The faculty will certainly make recommendations and suggestions that will help talented students get into a good agency.

The fees are non-refundable.

We actively encourage entering student work for awards: it's not only a great motivator and morale booster, but is virtually a passport to the creative department of a good agency! Of course, it's the student who gets to keep the award! It's his or her work, isn't it?!

Ideally, every student should have a computer and broadband internet connectivity at home. Individual faculty members will recommend books, periodicals, videos and websites for reference and study.

If you have any further questions, please email us: