Omnivore Academy is the result of several years of teaching copywriting, which in turn is the result of practising copywriting for over 25 years.

The Unicorn

The Unicorn symbolizes uniqueness, and also extreme courage, virtue and strength.

The Key

The Key symbolizes guardianship and dominion: you are the Creator and Guardian of the Brand.

The Sun

Symbolizes Glory and Splendour; Fountain of Life.

The Pot of Gold

The Pot of Gold symbolizes moolah; after that nice warm feeling in your belly settles down, what better reward than money for all those sacrifices, battles and heartaches?



Please note that 'Internship' is an offer of assistance – not a guarantee. The industry takes in as many as 350 interns every year, so there is good scope.

It would be a 2-month physical internship - that means, you have to be physically present in the agency. When you complete the course successfully, the faculty will decide whether you merit Internship assistance, based on the quality of your portfolio, ability to meet deadlines, and pro-active attitude to work.

You may specify which city you're interested in. Of course, all internships depend upon vacancies in agencies in that city.

The amount of stipend (if any) given to the internee is left to the agency.